Pure Hatred And Blasphemy mcd 2005 (agonia records)

1.Decapitation (Of Jesus Christ)

2.Chapel In Flames

3.Pure Hatred And Blasphemy

Total Hate - Demo tape / cd 2002

(flaming hate prods / hell attacks prods)


2.Total Hate

3.Death Of Mankind

4.Creatures In The Mist

5.Demons Are Calling My Name

6.The Immortal Witch

7.Triumph Of Hell



                                                               cd version incl. 3 bonustracks

Yersinia Split ep 2006 (deviant records)

Side A

1.Yersinia - Freigeist

Side B

2.Total Hate - Age Of The Satanic Hellstorm

Depopulating Planet Earth cd 2008 / tape 2012

(agonia records / bylec tum)

1.Humanity Banished

2.Essence Of Evil

3.Decapitation (Of Jesus Christ)

4.Chapel In Flames

5.Depopulating Planet Earth

6.Total Hate

7.Invocation Of The Fallen Angel

Throne Behind A Black Veil cd / lp 2019

(eisenwald / eternity recs)

1. Psychopath

2. Decline Of Human Life - Part II

3. Thou Shalt Kill (Killing Spree Unleashed)

4. Raven Wings & Witchcraft Spells

5. His Throne Behind A Black Veil

6. Death Raid Apocalypse

7. Lunatic Beast

8. Venomed Seed