past shows:

30.03.24 Zwickau - Club Seilerstrasse with: Sarkrista, Doomentor, Mavorim, Inferit

28.03.24 The Blasphemic Warfare IV, Oberhausen Helvete with

MNHG, Vomit Division, Mssklt

1.12.23 Nights of the Possessed Festival, Hirschaid Jahnhalle with

Hellish Crossfire, Aura Noir, Desaster, Horns Of Domination, Goath, Paxtilence, Old, Mechanix, Die Hard, Vulture, Fatal Embrace, Cruel Force, Nocturnal, Nocturnal Witch, Schafott, Witching Hour

16.09.23 Metal im Woid Festival, Schrobenhausen with

Legion Of The Damned, Crom, Screamer, Profanity, Rotting Empire, Speedemon, more

24.-25.03.23 Braincrusher in Hell Festival, Hirschaid Jahnhalle with

Grave, Uada, Pakkt, The Committee, Chopped In Half, Obliteration, Imha Tarikat, Pentacle, Bodyfarm,

Strigoi, Bolzer, more

Tuiflsrijtt Over Europe Tour 2023 with Drudensang, Whiskey Riotual & Amystery

16.02. Berlin Orwo Haus, Germany (with Gorgoroth and more)

17.02. Oberhausen Helvete, Germany

18.02. Großerlach VFRR, Germany

19.02. Gentbrugge JH Asgaard, Belgium

20.02. Aarburg Musigburg, Switzerland

21.02. Vicenza Revolution Live Club, Italy

22.02. Plzen Parlament Club, Czech Republic

23.02. Vienna Escape, Austria
24.02. Erfurt From Hell, Germany

25.02. Bitterfeld Festung, Germany

18.11.2022 Turm - Halle/Saale with: Imha Tarikat, Wandar, Victims Of Classwar

12.10.2022 Golden Nugget - Nürnberg with: Death Worship, Cyanide

09.09.2022 Music Club Modra Vopice - Prag, Czech Republic with: Zmyrna, Valosta Varjoon, Oci Vlka

11.08.2022 Party San Open Air

Flugplatz Obermehler - Schlotheim with: Asphyx, Uada, Whoredome Rife, Dark Funeral,

Mayhem, Blood Incantation, Impaled Nazarene, Katatonia, Shape Of Despair, Dismember, Lik,

Secrets Of The Moon, Panzerfaust, Nunslaugther, Fleshcrawl, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, more

01.07.2022 Under The Black Sun Open Air

Freilichtbühne Friesack with: Archgoat, Naglfar, Ancient Rites, Mgla, And Oceans, Sarkrista, Goath,

Whiskey Ritual, Darkmoon Warrior, Endezzma, Demonical, Illum Adora, Frostmoon Eclipse, more

22.02.2020 Catacombs Of Metal Cat - Ulm with Krater, Noctem, Lunatic Affliction

30.11.2019 From Hell - Erfurt with Krater, Nusquama, Infaust

28.09.2019 Der Hirsch - Nürnberg with Desaster, Carrion Mother 

17.08.2019 Barther Metal Open Air - Barth with Goath, Ancient, Impaled Nazarene, Hate, more

16.08.2019 Thalia Gewölbe - Halle/Saale with Goath, Lunatic Affliction


15.06.2018 The Riveter - Nancy, France with Goath, Wyrms, Karne, Zardens


05.05.2018 Kasseturm - Weimar with Slægt


24.03.18 Braincrusher in Hell Festival, Hirschaid Jahnhalle with

Necrophobic, Hellburst, Altarage, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, more


11.03.17 Cafe Panama - Fulda with Insulter, Derelyction


09.03.17 Kunstverein - Nürnberg with Vidargängr, II


30.11.13 Viper Room – Wien with Krater, Angantyr, Leaders Of Margor


29.06.13 From Hell – Erfurt with Krater, Inquisition, II, Vivus Humare


Minitour with Endezzma, Krater

06.06.13 The Raven – Straubing

07.06.13 The Jack – Eindhoven, NL

08.06.13 J.C. De Dukdalf – Wieringerwerf, NL

09.06.13 Cafe Mukkes – Leeuwarden, NL


12.12.10 Dance Of The Dead Festival Pt2 – Roter Salon Z-Bau, Nürnberg with Deathronation, Freitod, Witchblood, more


11.12.10 It Koartling – Buitenpost, NL with Deathronation, Nordafrost, Decision To Hate, Witchblood


10.12.10 JFZ – Kamen with Symbiontic, Black Horizonz, more


08.12.07 Dance Of The Dead Festival Pt1– Avalon's Dust, Nürnberg with Eminenz, Deathronation, Wolfthorn, Insignium, Decision To Hate, Necropsy


27.05.06 Total Metal Festival - Kafe Kult, München with Avenger, Hateful Agony, Demonizer,

Lugubre, Xenotaph, Megaera, Chant of Blasphemy, more


Days Of Hate And Destruction Tour 2006 with Blodsrit, Elite, Insignium

25.02.06 Burnout - Witten

26.02.06 Goudvishal - Arnheim, NL

28.02.06 Markthalle - Hamburg

01.03.06 Centrala – Swinoujscie, PL

02.03.06 K17 - Berlin

03.03.06 Asgard - Annaberg-Buchholz

04.03.06 Dark Hall - Weimar

18.11.05 Asgard - Annaberg-Buchholz with Satanic Warmaster, Eternity


12.11.05 Titanic City – München with Blodsrit, Caedes, Kapein


11.11.05 Trafo -Regensburg with Blodsrit, Krater, Kapein, Caedes


07.07.05 – Under The Black Sun Festival – Berlin with Urgehal, Elite, Primordial, Blodsrit,

                                            Necros Christos, Ragnarok, Krieg, Salacious Gods, more                                                                                                                           



upcoming shows:

15.06.24 Southern German Black Metal Cult Pt.V, Lenggries Bandhaus Open Air with:

Amystery, Primaire, Mortem Agmein

11.-13.07.24 In Flammen Open Air, Torgau Entenfang with: Desaster, Benediction, Sear Bliss,

Impaled Nazarene, Manos, Napalm Death, Krisiun, Escarnium, Gruesome, Uada, Sabbat, Vulture, more

19.10.24 Madness Over Thuringia, Erfurt From Hell with: Baxaxaxa, Paragon Belial, 

Hats Barn, Grabunhold, Amystery, Mortem Agmen