2000 - the band was formed by adrastos as early 90's black metal tribute

2001 – tondhron joined total hate on drums

2002 – release of the first demo "total hate" on tape by flaming hate productions

2004 – rerelease of the demo on cd incl. 3 bonustracks by hell attacks productions

2004 – vlad joined total hate on guitar

2005 – "pure hatred and blasphemy" mcd has been released by agonia records

2005 - aer joins total hate on bass

2005 – tondhron left the band, excoriator is the new drummer

2005 – first live show at under the black sun festival

2006 -  first european tour with blodsrit, elite and insignium

2006 – the split ep with yersinia has been unleashed by deviant records

2007 - excoriator and vlad left total hate , winterheart (drums)  and erebos (guit) are the new members

2008 – release of the first full length cd "depopulating planet earth"  by agonia records

2010 – pale dominion released the second album "necare humanum est" on cd

2011 – the vinyl version of "necare humanum est" has been released by eisenton klangschmiede and eternity records

2012 - bylec tum productions from italy released  the official tape edition of "depopulating planet earth"

2013 – minitour with endezzma and krater takes place

2014 – total hate started the recordings of the third album "lifecrusher" in november

2015 – lykos joined total hate on bass, aer changed to guitar, adrastos doing just vocals and songwriting

2015 -  once again bylec tum productions  released  the official tape edition of "necare humanum est"

2016 - limited cd edition of the  third album  "lifecrusher - contributions to a world in ruins"  has been unleashed by eisenton klangschmiede

2017 - serrator replaces winterheart on drums

2019 - the 4th album "throne behind a black veil" will be released on cd, lp and tape in august

2019 - erebos left total hate, czernobog is the new lead guitarist

2019 – aer has to quit playing live shows and has been replaced with goathammer of the blackened death metal band goath

2021 – the fifth album „marching towards humanicide“ has been recorded, mixed and mastered.

2021 – long time friend havok, who already joined total hate on bass in the year 2007, returned again as live bass player.

2022 - the first album "depopulating planet earth" has been released on vinyl for the first time.

2023 - 10 days europoean tour with drudensang, whiskey ritual and amystery

2023 - eternity records and eisenwald unleashed our fifth album "marching towards humanicide" on tape, vinyl and cd.

2023 - abortio is our new bass player

The story so far...