upcoming shows:


16.08.2019 Halle/Saale - Thalia Gewölbe with Goath, Lunatic Affliction

17.08.2019 Barther Metal Open Air - Barth with Goath, Ancient, Impaled Nazarene, Hate, more

28.09.2019 Der Hirsch - Nürnberg with Desaster, Carrion Mother 



past shows:


15.06.2018 The Riveter - Nancy, France with Goath, Wyrms, Karne, Zardens


05.05.2018 Kasseturm - Weimar with Slægt


24.03.18 Braincrusher in Hell Festival, Hirschaid Jahnhalle with

Necrophobic, Hellburst, Altarage, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, more


11.03.17 Cafe Panama - Fulda with Insulter, Derelyction


09.03.17 Kunstverein - Nürnberg with Vidargängr, II


30.11.13 Viper Room – Wien with Krater, Angantyr, Leaders Of Margor


29.06.13 From Hell – Erfurt with Krater, Inquisition, II, Vivus Humare


Minitour with Endezzma, Krater

06.06.13 The Raven – Straubing

07.06.13 The Jack – Eindhoven, NL

08.06.13 J.C. De Dukdalf – Wieringerwerf, NL

09.06.13 Cafe Mukkes – Leeuwarden, NL


12.12.10 Dance Of The Dead Festival Pt2 – Roter Salon Z-Bau, Nürnberg with Deathronation, Freitod, Witchblood, more


11.12.10 It Koartling – Buitenpost, NL with Deathronation, Nordafrost, Decision To Hate, Witchblood


10.12.10 JFZ – Kamen with Symbiontic, Black Horizonz, more


08.12.07 Dance Of The Dead Festival Pt1– Avalon's Dust, Nürnberg with Eminenz, Deathronation, Wolfthorn, Insignium, Decision To Hate, Necropsy


27.05.06 Total Metal Festival - Kafe Kult, München with Avenger, Hateful Agony, Demonizer,

Lugubre, Xenotaph, Megaera, Chant of Blasphemy, more


Days Of Hate And Destruction Tour 2006 with Blodsrit, Elite, Insignium

25.02.06 Burnout - Witten

26.02.06 Goudvishal - Arnheim, NL

28.02.06 Markthalle - Hamburg

01.03.06 Centrala – Swinoujscie, PL

02.03.06 K17 - Berlin

03.03.06 Asgard - Annaberg-Buchholz

04.03.06 Dark Hall - Weimar


12.11.05 Titanic City – München with Blodsrit, Caedes, Kapein


11.11.05 Trafo -Regensburg with Blodsrit, Krater, Kapein, Caedes


07.07.05 – Under The Black Sun Festival – Berlin with Urgehal, Elite, Primordial, Blodsrit,

                                            Necros Christos, Ragnarok, Krieg, Salacious Gods, more